Saturday, September 5, 2015

Hawthorne's || English Essays

Hawthorne Classics || English Essays
Year - 1902
Condition - great besides the worn edges
Other facts - printed by Globe School Company
It was a school book at Crestwood High school in 1906
A child with the initials R.S. Millord

Monday, August 31, 2015

Litle Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood
year - unknown
Condition - All pages are in tact however the binding needs some repairs
Other facts - Published by McLoughlin Bros., INC.
Printed in Springfield Massachusetts
Has the number 888 (Copy #?)

Sunday, August 30, 2015

5,000 Most-Used Shorthand Forms

5,000 Most Used Shorthand Forms
Year - 1948
Condition - Being paperback it's worn a little bit; 
other then that there appears to be no other damage
Other Facts - Printed in the U.S.A,
- Compiled by Dr. Ernest Horn,Ph.D., professor of  Education of the 
University of Iowa 

The New Testament

The New Testament
Year - 1906
Condition - Pretty rough, it looks like it was used as a kids coloring book 
and a coaster for cups a few times 
Other facts - It looks to be a first edition
-Pages are missing in the back
-The book seems to be written for children

Gifts from the grandparents

As many of you may know I've taken a liking to  "old stuff" over the last few months. The amount of books and antiques I collect and own makes me an Antiquarian. Anyway I've had a list of things that I thought would be cool to find. Three things on that list was an old camera, a old telephone, and a typewriter. An old camera because I love photography, an old phone because I love playing with the buttons (its not all serious people), and a type writer because I'm obsessed with them. The noise they make, the way they look, and (because I'm a writer) what they helped people do.
       My Grandparents came up three weeks ago and actually bout these things for me!!! They got them as gifts for my good grades first bringing out the camera; followed by the telephone. I was already hyped about the Brownie camera, from '46, and the old telephone from the '30s (they're really heavy by the way); so when they surprised me with a Remington Rand, 1934, noiseless, typewriter that I've been obsessing over 4 months now I almost lost my mind. 
     Thanks again Nana and Poppop, ily
~Hugs from Hayley